UniqueHosting is back to retake the game hosting market with more experience and technical knowledge, we gaurantee a safe and reliable hosting service as we did in the previous years.

All of us have had to deal with annoying issues, such as uptime issues and a lack of server resources while playing our favorite online games. That time is over, UniqueHosting is prepared with the needed back-end support that ensures a smooth and reliable hosting experience

MMO games today require a lot of hardware resources to deliver the best possible experience while paying a fair price. That’s why we price the servers by the amount of resources you receive. Paying for slots is an undependable way of running a hosting company. A Minecraft server with 100+ plugins and 20 slots could use the same amount of RAM and CPU as an 80 slots server running Vanilla. 

What makes us unique is that we understand the true reason why hosting a server is pure fun. We want you to have the best possible experience of hosting a server with no interruptions, so you can focus on running a community.

We provide you with the top edge network and setup with the best possible connection and performance.  Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we intend to do that with delivering the cutting-edge technology of server hosting. With a brand-new control panel Pterodactyl ensuring the best performance and user-friendliness.

With the modern times changing it is required to have DDoS protection as a must in our hosting package and for that Uniquehosting uses specialized data centers that provide the best network you can imagine.  A guarantee for your server’s uptime is upheld when you enter any form of service agreements with UniqueHosting. DDoS attacks have never been more massive, and because of that, we can never promise 100% uptime, but we are striving to deliver that as a standard in all of our services.

Our story is simple, we want nothing more than to deliver the server hosting experience and we have many years of experience as being the #1 Best Minecraft Hosts in 2012-2013 but was forced to close after 4 years of running.

Our main focus is game hosting in the starting phase as we want to have our full attention on our products until our systems are fully automatized with mod installers and plugins. After that, we plan to move into Dedicated Servers, VPS & Website Hosting. All of the mentioned services are scheduled to launch shortly, and we hope that you, as a customer will sign up and try our services as we will surely look forward to having you as a client.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us via our various communication options. We will answer all of your questions as best as we can, as it our goal to reach the highest level of customer support.

Thank you for your time and expect to see you in the future.

Best regards,
Unique Hosting IVS


Szerda, Máj 16, 2018

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